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Mario Party Drinking Game: The Best Way to Play Video Games

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Playing a game of Super Mario Brothers while drinking beer probably isn’t new to anyone. But did you know you can make it more fun by playing the Mario Party drinking game? Instead of just sitting around with the guys, playing video games and drinking, kick your evening up a notch by playing this Mario Party drinking game.

Mario Party Drinking Game Rules 

What You Will Need to Play

You’ll need any Mario Party Video Game version to play the Mario party drinking game. The game is available on several consoles, such as N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. 

The latest version of Mario Party Superstars has five classic boards and one hundred of the best minigames taken from previous versions of Mario Party games. 

And most importantly… you’ll need your favorite beer, spirit, or mixer of choice!

How Many Players Do You Need to Play Mario Party Drinking Game?

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The Mario party game can be played with just two players. However, it’s a much more fun and lively game when it’s played with a larger group of friends. Consider partnering up if there are many people and not enough controllers. 

What is the Objective of Mario Party? 

The goal of the players is to get stars by finding them, stealing them or buying them. Players must take a drink each time they have to according to the rules. The players who drink the most by the end of the round lose the game. To win the Mario party drinking game, players must follow the rules set out below.

How to Play the Mario Party Drinking Game

The general rules are as follows:

  • The player that rolls the dice and gets the lowest number in each round must take a drink
  • The player that rolls a 1 must take a drink
  • The player that lands on a bowser space must take a drink
  • When a player gets a star, all the other players must take a drink
  • A player that gets 100 coins must take a drink
  • Players that land on a red space must take a drink
  • Players that lose a minigame must take a drink
  • Players that need to check the map must take a drink
  • When 5 turns are remaining, all drinks are doubled for players who have to take one (be careful with this rule and the amount of drinking as it may be excessive)
  • Bonus star winners must take a drink

How to Win Mario Party Drinking Game

The person who wins the most mini games and collects the most stars wins the round. They will also be the player who drinks the least. So the winner will have to be happy drinking less than everyone else!

Ways to Make Mario Party Drinking Game More Fun

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Players can also select different rules to change things up after a few rounds. For example, instead of the player that gets 100 coins taking a drink, the other players can be made to take a drink. Changing things up is part of the fun.

The amount players decide to drink is also at the group’s discretion. Players can choose the penalties, whether they take a sip, a chug, a shot, or a whole pint for each loss or wrong move. 

Just be careful about setting the rules and the amount of drinking involved. 

For example, a Reddit reader suggested the following rule:

After every minigame, depending on where you place, 1st place doesn’t take a shot, 2nd and 3rd place takes 1/2 a shot, and 4th place takes a full shot.

However, another reader responded with the following comment:

I’ve done my fair share of Mario party drinking games, and I think rule 1 alone will destroy you guys unless you’re insane heavyweights. 2 total shots for every minigame * 30 minigames = 60 shots total/4 people = 15 shots each just from that 1 rule.

The original poster hadn’t realized how much the drinks added up to and was grateful for the reader who pointed it out. The same player suggested taking ‘sips’ and saving the shots for bigger events like acquiring stars or bowsers or winning minigames and duels where the loser takes the shot. 

A different Reddit reader plays the Super Mario Party drinking game with a points system:

  • Roll 1 = 1 shot
  • FFA = losers, 1 pts
  • 2v2 = losers, 2 pts
  • 1v3 = loser(s), 3 pts
  • battle = 1st (0 pt), 2nd (1 pt), 3th (2 pt), 4th (3 pts)
  • duel = loser, 1 shot
  • Gain a star (that includes stolen star): Everyone else takes a shot
  • Bowser: You take a shot
  • Check the map: You take a shot

Several readers liked how the point system was laid out and said they would also play it that way in the future. All readers agreed it’s best to play the game using beer and mixed drinks rather than hard liquor.

Just remember to drink responsibly. If you plan on playing several rounds, it’s best to go slow.